Roberta - Mother, Sculpture, Artist
(Picture taken on the Camino de Santiago in Spain just outside of O'Cibreiro as I walked from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compistella the summer of 2015)
I believe it all started when I was a child as I first peeled open the top of a Play-dough can. Ahhh, instantly, the smell, the color, the feel and freshness captivated me completely! I remember being sad as my creation would dry out, crumble and it's color fade. As my little creations would disintegrate, I would try to re hydrate it so I could begin again.
As years went by, my Mother generously spent hours taking me to art and craft classes in all sorts of art mediums. From Chinese embroidery, oil painting, plaster, pottery to enamel classes, I was in love with creativity. Ahhh, but the clay... there was just something that always drew me back. It must have been the genes I inherited from my Great Grandfather - a master wood carver and sculptor.
Years later, I still LOVE CLAY and the feel of it in my hands when I take a lump and create a keepsake for my loyal customers for over 30 years. I have been working in this medium since 1985 participating in Northeastern Ohio's top juried shows. Now residing with my family in Arizona since 2004, I concentrate solely on custom sculptures, ornaments and cake toppers. 
My little Virginia at Yankee Peddler Festival circa 1993
4 of our 6 children - Ryan, Erica, Virginia and "the boss" Dani!
I have had no formal art instruction, but have relied on my God-given talent and imagination, combined with observation and experimentation. Family life has had a profound influence and inspiration to my design work. Raising 6 children with my husband has given me many opportunities to experience all the ups and downs that life brings. I look at clay as an opportunity to bring joy to others and bring a little sunshine into a creation that is all their own. People ask me how did you stay sane raising six children and I say I had clay!
Thousands of Santa's, snowmen and angels later, boredom and monotony started setting in. In 2012, a good friend asked if I could create a custom sculpture for a very dear friend of hers with several adults and children. Not wanting to say no, I tackled the challenge and here I am today sculpting custom ornaments.
So now, I focus much of my work on those custom sculptures and ornaments. My goal is to bring you the most creative, fun, happy, whimsical, custom sculptures I can! Feel free to contact me for anything - and remember I love new challenges! 
Virginia - Photographer, Graphic Designer, Administrative Assistant
It all started 5 years ago when my mom (Roberta) became overwhelmed with orders and asked for my help. [Reluctantly] I helped package, ship, and do small tasks around the studio that season. Slowly, each year my part in the workspace became more and more important. Through high school, I became engrossed in graphic design and began suggesting ways my mom could create ornaments with these special graphics included. Little did I know then that these graphics would become such an integral part of our ornament collections! I hope you enjoy the personal touch we strive to give each and every one of our ornaments, as they are 100% unique to you!


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