"Our Home" Ornament


Over the years, our life changes and we move on. Whether it’s a dorm we partied in, our first apartment where we set out on our own or a home we raised our children in.

After we’ve packed and left a set behind, I know my keys have always been tucked in the kitchen “junk drawer”. When I created my collection of “Memorial Tag Ornaments” for pets, my daughter suggested creating a “key” ornament. Recently marrying, she had two special keys that she said were “where there story began” and didn’t want to lose them. That’s where I decided to create Memorial Key ornaments for just that purpose.

This makes a wonderful keepsake for a neighbor moving away or realtor gift.

Based on the style of your home, you choose the type of tree you would like - Keep in mind the season your home is photographed in. Obviously a leafy green tree will not go if there is snow on the ground. It would then be a bare tree with snow clusters. I will try and match the photo that is attached.

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